High Holiday Video Instructions

We invite you to be included in our High Holiday Videos DUE BY TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th.

Questions? Contact Rabbi Asch (rabbiash@gmail.com)

Send a short clip of yourself (and members of your household) doing ONE of the following:
1) Wishing everyone a happy new year, a shanah tovah, or best wishes for a year of _____ (peace, health, joy, etc).
2) You cooking your favorite Rosh Hashanah food, or in your kitchen with the completed product. Tell us what you are making.
We will edit these videos together to and show them at services on Rosh Hashanah. (Can’t help yourself? Feel free to do two videos. Just record and upload them separately!)
Video instructions:
* Hold your phone horizontally (landscape)
* Leave some space between your head and the top of the frame.
* Record at eye level. Don’t look down at the camera.
* Wait a few seconds before you start talking (count to 10 in your head) and leave a few seconds at the end before you stop filming (count to 10 again).
* Record in front of a background that is not too distracting.
* Have good lighting. Facing a window is great. Having a window behind you is not.
* Make sure your phone is stable. It is better to put in on a surface than to have someone hold it.
Uploading Instructions
Option #1:
Upload to google drive. (You must have google drive installed on your phone)
* Click on this link. That will add the TBE folder to your google drive.
* Upload your video to google drive.
* Click the share icon.
* Type a name for your video. We suggest LAST NAME Greeting or LAST NAME Food depending on which video you made.
* On your scree you will see the title, your account and then a folder.
* Click on the folder icon.
* Go to “Shared with me”
* You will see a folder that says “Temple Beth El” at the top of your list. You may need to click the back arrow several times to get there.
* Click on the Temple Beth El folder.
* Click select.
* Click save. (You may need to rename your video at this step in the process).
Your video will be uploaded.
Option #2
Share with Rabbi Asch via email.
* Email your video to Rabbi Asch as an attachment.
Having trouble? Contact Rabbi Asch for help.
Is the technology too hard for you? Feel free to take a picture of yourself with a sign that says Happy New Year or a favorite holiday dish. Email pictures to Rabbi Asch and well include them!