Welcome to Temple Beth El!

We invite you to join our small, vibrant community. We are an active Reform congregation with more than 100 households from all across central Maine, and our members represent a variety of Jewish backgrounds and traditions. For more information about visiting our synagogue or becoming a member, please email Rabbi Asch ( or call 207-622-7450.

Beginning in 2017, Temple Beth El changed our financial structure. We no longer require members to pay “dues” or a set fee established by the Board. Instead, members make a self-defined financial commitment to TBE called a “terumah,” or offering. We believe that this terumah approach will help meet TBE’s annual budget and reduce the need for additional appeals througout the year. Most importantly, it sends a powerful message about our welcoming community. 

Prospective members may download the following documents here:

For more information and guidance about our “terumah” approach to membership, please read the following:

• Terumah, not dues
Factors to consider when setting your terumah
Suggested giving levels based on income

We look forward to meeting you!