We celebrate all the Jewish holidays with services, special programs, community, and, of course, food.  Holidays offer us an opportunity to gather as a community to connect with our traditions, worship and pray together, and enjoy traditional meals. For more information about our holiday service schedule, look at our calendar or Facebook page.


High Holidays

We gather together for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services where we use the Reconstructionist machazor. Our services combine a reverance for tradition with modern readings and melodies. We host the Lipman Kiddush on the first day of Rosh Hashanah and a tashlich at the Hallowell boat landing. We have multiple services on Yom Kippur day and end with a break fast. We also have children’s services for our youngest members. All are welcome to attend; no tickets are required. We request that visitors offer a donation.


Our Sukkah raising features crafts, games and fresh pressed cider! We celebrate Sukkot together, joining for meals on Shabbat evening and Shabbat day. We also have study sessions in the beautiful space. We end our week of Sukkot with a joyous Simchat Torah celebration including dancing, singing, and, of course, reading



We host a community potluck seder the second night of Passover. Led by Rabbi Asch this all- ages friendly observance features traditional Passover foods and songs as well as a new way to tell the Passover story each year. All are welcome. We ask for reservations so we have enough food and seats. Contact the Temple office to reserve your space.


We celebrate Shavuot each year doing what many of us love best, learning. Each year congregants teach some lessons and Rabbi Asch teaches as well. We take breaks for noshing and even cooking some traditional Shavuot foods. On Shavuot morning, like all festival mornings, we have a service including yizkor.

More! (Purim, Chanukkah, Tu BiSh’vat…)

At Temple Beth El we love to come together as a community. Whether it is joining for a Purim skit, lighting dozens of chanukiyot at the Temple, or hiking though the Maine woods for Tu BiSh’vat we celebrate being Jewish all year. We hope to see you at some of our holiday observances.