Civic Engagement

We at Temple Beth El are partnering with the Religious Action Center of the Union for Reform Judaism on their 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign. This page will give you information about voting in Maine and will be updated regularly.

Election Day is November 3rd, so plan ahead!
More information about time frames and registering can be found here.
Register to Vote NOW:
  • You can register by mail until October 13th.
  • You can register in-person up to & including Election Day.
  • Contact your town office about in-person options, since the pandemic may have shifted town office hours & protocols.
Request your Absentee Ballot NOW:
  • You can now request your ballot on the Absentee Ballot Request page. You can still request a ballot via a downloadable mail-in form.
  • Submit your request form by October 5th to be sure to mail it back by October 15th.
  • If you need an accessible (i.e. other than paper) absentee ballot, watch the Request page for a forthcoming link to make your request.
  • You can mail the request back in, or hand deliver it to your town office; the ballot itself will be mailed to you in early October.
  • Can’t find the ballot request form online? Need help? Contact your town office.
Submit your Absentee Ballot PROMPTLY:
  • Follow instructions on your ballot for where and how to submit it.
  • NOTE: All ballots must be received by 8 pm on Election Day, 11/3.
  • The ADL recommends getting your absentee ballot mailed by October 15th due to expected high mail volume.
Consider Voting EARLY:
  • In-person early voting runs October 12th – 29th.
  • You can return your completed absentee ballot by mail or by hand to your town office.
  • After the 29th, and you must hand-deliver your absentee ballot to the polls on Election Day.
Vote in Person:
  • Contact your town office for more details and options.
Need more info? Check out the State of Maine Voter Guide.
Absentee Ballot requests are up!
The Maine Secretary of State’s office has received more than 40,000 requests for absentee ballots just two days after launching its online portal.
That’s roughly the total number requested in the 2016 general election.
Many town clerks across the state are also taking measures to prepare for the surge of absentee ballots.
Read the full article.
As you know, the Census count is happening now. Unfortunately, Maine currently is ranked in the bottom tier of states due to our low self-respond rate. It is crucial that Maine people be counted!
Learn about the importance of counting all people on this special 2020 Census webpage. You’ll find information on Maine-specific programs and resources impacted by the Census, FAQs on privacy of respondents’ information, and accessibility of the count as well as direct links to the Census Bureau website.
2020 Census staff began door-to-door knocking on June 16 in Maine to collect the Census data from households that had not previously responded. Have they knocked on your door, perhaps?
There’s still time to do the right thing and respond:
  • Online at,
  • By phone (1-844-330-2020); and
  • By mail, in case that questionnaire is still on your kitchen counter.
Please note: the Census count is now slated to run through September 30, 2020. It ends soon!
Already responded to the Census? Amplify your good deed by:
  • Reminding friends, family, colleagues and others to participate.
  • Promoting #Census2020 via your social channels. Find videos and other tools at (and get inspiration at Creatives for the Count!).
  • Including Mobile Questionnaire Assistance at any live events your organizations may be holding – a Census worker can attend to help people respond to the Census (while following all COVID-19 guidelines). Contact